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Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

Lorrie Slater, Director

Marriage and family counseling, divorce recovery and blending families, anxiety, depression, and difficult life transitions.

Life can become overwhelming, I consider it a privilege to walk through that part of your journey with you. Difficult life transitions, family distress and conflict, abuse, divorce, anxiety, depression, as well as child and adolescent behavioral concerns, can leave you feeling helpless. I am honored to help you find your strength to cope in times of pain and suffering.

My training as a marriage and family therapist with a specialization in child and adolescent informs my systemic approach to counseling. Although I utilize cognitive behavioral and solution focused techniques, I realize each person has an incredibly unique story, therefore an interpersonal therapeutic approach is foundational to each session.

I also serve as an associate professor at Richmont Graduate University. Teaching informs my clinical work as I am continually studying and learning about best practices for my clients. I am also a member of the Richmont Global Traumatology team and as such, I am acutely aware of the impact of global trauma has on local individuals.
M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider

Reese Armstrong, Assistant Director

Individual adults, adolescents, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), exposure and response prevention, spiritual issues, relationship issues, trauma recovery, and EDMR.

I have been in your shoes. I remember being in the place of reaching out beyond my friends and family to navigate through a challenging season of life. It was a hard decision to contact a counselor, but that choice led to my own personal healing and growth. As you take this first, courageous step to begin your own journey towards wholeness, I want you to know that I would be honored to walk with you along this path.

Whether it is a habit you are trying to quit, a past experience that continues to bother you, a conflict in a relationship that never seems to resolve, or crippling anxiety and depression, I believe we all have complex and unique stories that require thoughtful and individualized care. My goal as a counselor is to help individuals rewrite their own stories.

Cary Bayless

Trauma, personality disorders, grief, suicidal & homicidal ideation, compassion fatigue, behavioral & communication issues, step-down from inpatient care.

You are worthy and enough.

The phrase above can feel like an unreachable mindset, I know. Trauma, abuse, neglect, grief, and the weight of caring for others more than yourself can make that phrase feel hollow. Anxiety, depression, flashbacks, nightmares, and isolation are truly exhausting.

If you are reading this, I want you to know you are not alone and you’ve already taken the only step you have to on your own: you’ve done the hard work of reaching out. If you have been in therapy before or this is your first time, I will be honored to walk beside you towards health and connection. I believe your story deserves to be listened to with kind attention. We can stand together in the tension of pain and hope.

I look forward to meeting you.
M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor Mental Health Service Provider, NCC

Pearl Brown

Individual adults and adolescents beginning at age 15: anxiety & depression, trauma, grief & loss, divorce, sexual issues, relationship issues, and low self-esteem. Lead female trauma survivors groups. Trained in EMDR.

My many years of working as a nurse have increased my ability to connect with clients in the midst of pain and uncertainty. It is an honor to work with those who are hurting and to inspire hope and healing along the journey. I strive to collaborate with my clients, using the therapeutic relationship to build self-compassion, discover strengths, and reduce shame. According to Scripture, the LORD is near to the brokenhearted and able to redeem brokenness, making beauty out of ashes and joy out of mourning – Isaiah 61.

In my leisure time I enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, serving in my church, growing plants, decorating my home, and spending time with friends and family (especially my vibrant grandchildren.)
M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider

Katherine Jonas

Individual, children, adolescents, and adult therapy; family therapy; clinical, relational, and developmental issues.

As a Christian; my faith is an influence in my personal life and worldview. At the heart of counseling is a connection between the counselor and the client, so it is important for you to find someone you feel comfortable sitting with and telling your story.

I grew up in Bluefield, WV, went to college in Bristol, TN and have lived a few places since. My first job was teaching 6th grade at Hilton Head Christian Academy, living in Hilton Head, SC for 2 years. Since then I have also lived in Columbia, SC, Signal Mountain, TN, and Murfreesboro, TN. Chattanooga has been home now for almost 10 years, and what a great place to live! I am interested in many outside activities like gardening/working in the yard, hiking, and exploring new places. When weather keeps me inside I like to read, and have been challenging myself to develop my skills in the kitchen. Being creative is an important expression to me, so I enjoy all kinds of crafting, everything from making jewelry to scrapbooking.

A recent professional development and has been the privilege to be accepted as a MFLC (Military Family Life Consultant) the past two years. I have had two different opportunities to work on a military base in Germany as a support and encouragement to military and their families. These experiences have allowed me insight and understanding to military life and the stress of living overseas.

In the context of the therapeutic relationship, God can use the counselor to be a support, an encourager, a guide, at times someone who can teach skills, and educate. When clients share that commitment, explicit reference to their Christian faith will be a part of treatment and use of spiritual interventions incorporated, especially as these also have empirical support. My hope is to help my client develop insight, skills, and empower them to make changes!

Megan Grant

Addictions-adult and adolescent, co-occurring mental illness/personality disorder with addiction, transitional life periods, anxiety, depression

I want to hear your story. A basic human need, that oftentimes is neglected, is the need to be heard. Many of us grew up learning to “suck it up,” and “move on.” We learned ways to repress our emotions. Our stories became limited by the rule that our feelings don’t matter unless they are happy or “good.” Our feelings find outlets in various ways including self-harm, substance abuse and unhealthy relationships. I want to come alongside you and support your move towards health. Healthy looks different for everyone. For you, that might mean an increase in emotional awareness. For others, that may mean a move towards abstinence from drugs and alcohol. I view counseling and recovery as a readjustment period. You already possess a variety of strengths. I am here to help you identify and utilize those strengths. I believe in the power of a collaborative therapeutic relationship. All of us are wonderfully made and inherently worthy of a fulfilled life. I attended graduate school at Richmont University and have a bachelor’s in psychology from UTC. I trained and worked in a residential facility focused on substance use and co-occurring disorders. I utilize a psychodynamic approach, a focus on the relationship, with solution-focused techniques.

Katelyn Graves

Marriage and Family Therapies, Relationship Issues and Enrichment, Pre/Newly Married Preparation, Families and Children, Complex Trauma, and Women’s Issues 

Helping others find safety in the important places.

Growth is seeded first in a safe and comfortable setting. You will find space with a firm foundation to be messy, make mistakes, and cultivate hope in my office. The pillar of my style is a wholeness approach to mental, spiritual, physical, and relational health. Training in Marriage & Family Therapy allows me to see the whole person, with past and present experiences, to develop the change desired. I believe in the power of vulnerability, and I am honored to go there with you.

I value an integrated approach to therapy primarily based in Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. The integration of these treatment theories understands each client is a whole with thoughts, feelings, and relationships. That’s where we begin. I utilize various tools from other orientations, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, PlayTherapy, and Experiential Theory.

Specialized experience & studied interest areas: foster care/adoption, Gottman Lv. 1 Couples Therapies, Prepare/Enrich couples assessment, complex-trauma, peri/postpartum mood disorders
M.S.W., L.C.S.W., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Beth Lamberson

Individual therapy for adolescents and adults; family therapy; couples and marriage therapy, abuse and trauma; spiritual issues and EMDR Therapy

Sometimes life hits us straight on. At other times life slowly chips away at our sense of self and well-being through the gradual damage of accumulated pain. As a therapist, one of my deepest desires is to walk with others as they seek to find not just the absence of pain but to experience joy and peace. As a Christian, my faith is core to my identity. It also provides a basis for those who desire to include faith issues in their counseling experience. At the same time, I am respectful of other faith traditions and am committed to working within the worldview of those I see.

I have both secular and Christian training with my master’s in social work from the University of Tennessee and my bachelor’s degree from Bryan College. It is essential to be sensitive to the needs of each person and approach therapy from an integrative standpoint, as well as, weaving together evidence-based approaches. I am trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR Therapy. Since 2009, I have had the privilege of facilitating and co-facilitating over 150 women in small closed group sessions as they completed the Walking Worthy Journey.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, outdoor activities, and gardening, but my greatest joy is spending time with my husband, adult children, and six grandchildren.
M.A., Ed.D, Licensed Psychologist - Health Service Provider, Certified Professional Counselor

William E. McGee

Pediatric and Developmental Psychology; trauma counseling; psychological evaluation and counseling with children and adolescents.

Welcome to the Henegar Counseling Center’s informational website, and thank you for looking at my information.  I am a Licensed Psychologist, a Certified Professional Counselor, a Health Service Provider, and a Registrant with the Council for the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

My faith informs my work as a psychologist/counselor because I am a Christian.  This means that I am comfortable incorporating faith issues in the work that I do and I find that it can be a source of strength for many individuals.  However, I am respectful of other faith traditions and do not use issues of faith and belief in any kind of coercive manner.  Please ask if you have specific concerns or questions about this.

Typically I work with children and adolescents, usually in the context of a family system.  Most referrals come from pediatricians and psychiatrists and involve concerns and questions about Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, Developmental Disorders, Learning Disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, and symptoms that are the result of Trauma.  I also work with adults who have or think they have Developmental Disorders, Attention and/or Learning Disorders, mild Mood Disorders, and symptoms that are the result of Trauma.

Teaching is an activity that I also enjoy and I am on the clinical faculty here at Richmont Graduate University.  I have taught previously as an adjunct professor in the graduate schools at UT-Knoxville and at UT-Chattanooga.  I am married and have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren, and I enjoy hiking, backpacking and photography.

Lee Maclellan

Children and Adolescents, Trauma Therapy, Substance Abuse Treatment, Anxiety, and Depression 

We all have a story, and a basic human need is a desire for our story to be heard. I want to hear your story. Life is wonderful but part of living life means overcoming the difficulties of our past or the anxieties of our future. Sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming, but I believe with healthy support, hard work, and guidance, you can overcome these obstacles. I believe that therapy can provide the space for individuals going through challenging times to process, learn and foster healing in their lives. Let’s navigate this together. 

I utilize a psychodynamic approach, a focus on the relationship, with solution-focused techniques. I am trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and often incorporate the interventions into practice.

Cameron Mashburn

Child, Adolescent and Adult Individual and Family therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Social Skills and Relationship Building,Trauma, Pre/post Adoption Support

Whether you are looking to begin therapy after a life change or traumatic experience, or are just hoping to find a space where you can fully be yourself, I am so glad you are here. Being allowed to come alongside someone as they face deep hurt and vulnerability, to challenge and celebrate them, to laugh and cry with them, is such an honor for me.

My background in trauma treatment and brain development have made me passionate about creating a safe place to explore the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Prioritizing yourself and your experiences takes courage and bravery. Should you decide to take that step with me, I promise to honor the courage and bravery it takes to share your story.

M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider

Jane Neall

Adults and couples 18 years and older. Marital therapy, relationship issues, anxiety and depression, adjustment disorders, and trauma. Brainspotting.

I work with adults of all ages: men, women, and couples. I enjoy working with people who want to improve their marriage or other relationships, and with other issues including depression and anxiety, grief and loss, adjustment to life transitions, or trauma. My previous career as a Nurse Practitioner helps me understand problems associated with chronic illness. I also enjoy working with people who have spiritual concerns and who would like to integrate their faith practice into the counseling process.

I use an interpersonal process approach to therapy, which means I understand current problems through the lens of personal history, patterns of thinking, and relational style, but the focus is on current well-being and healthy relationships. I also use some cognitive & dialectical behavior therapy approaches, and I am trained in Brainspotting therapy. I’ve loved living in Chattanooga for the past 30 years. On a day off, you might find me biking along the Riverwalk with my husband, or having a cup of coffee in one of our new Southside restaurants or coffee shops, if I’m not traveling to one of the places on my “bucket list!”.
Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Amy Perkins

Adolescents, family therapy, trauma therapy, and substance abuse treatment.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, AL. I attended the University of Georgia and earned my Masters degree in Professional Counseling and also my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. My research focused on the effects of trauma in adolescents who are involved in the juvenile justice system. I am licensed to practice psychology in Tennessee, and a member of the American Psychological Association.

I have been working as a therapist for over 10 years. My expertise is in working with adolescents, facilitating family therapy, trauma therapy, and substance abuse treatment. My approach to psychotherapy is an integration of science and practice: my work with clients is grounded and supported by current research and sustained by my enthusiasm for learning and knowledge.

My counseling style is collaborative and relational. I believe that a trusting and affirming relationship is the foundation of effective psychotherapy. It is my goal to engage in therapy with a warm, enthusiastic, non-judgmental, and honest approach.

Meredith Rivera

Sexual trauma, sexuality identity, gender identity, personality disorders, anxiety, depression

Every person has a unique experience and story that is worthy to be heard. I work with clients to help them find inner congruence and healing through a collaborative therapeutic relationship specific to each person’s needs. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, PTSD, sexuality and gender exploration. I consider it an honor to be allowed into another person’s story and remind them that they are not alone as they seek healing. Taking the first step towards pursuing therapy can be overwhelming and intimidating but I hope to create a welcoming and inviting environment for you and me to navigate your healing together. Through the therapeutic relationship, we can work towards your goals and remind you of how far you’ve come. I look forward to meeting you.

M.A., Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Jay Spalding

Adolescent, adult, senior counseling and soul care; marriage and family therapy; trauma therapy; grief and loss; evaluations.

For more information see  
M.A., Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider

Laura Ward

Individual and family therapy with children, adolescents, and adults; ADHD for all ages; chronic illness; grief & loss; cross-cultural transition and adjustment; ministry and missionary care.

I am a life-long lover of stories. Growing up in East and southern Africa as the daughter of missionaries, I met people from many different cultures and saw the variety of paths our lives can take. I’m fascinated by the interplay between our past experiences, present patterns, and future choices, and how these influence our connection to ourselves and others. Whatever your struggle – emotional or relational challenges, the impact of life transitions, the experience of loss – there is a way forward. I would be honored to come alongside you and help you write a better story for your life.

I work with families and individuals of all ages on a variety of emotional and relational issues, with a particular focus on ADHD, chronic illness, grief, cross-cultural transition & adjustment, and ministry & missionary care. Through a collaborative counseling relationship, I seek to offer a safe space for healing and growth. I’m a Licensed Marital & Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Service Provider. I hold an M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy with a specialization in Child & Adolescent Therapy from Richmont Graduate University, and a B.A. in English from Covenant College.
Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider

Jama White

Individual therapy for adults; depression, anxiety, grief and loss, spiritual issues, relationship issues, trauma recovery.

I was grew up in East Tennessee, but life took me to Philadelphia and the Philippines, to Kenya and California.    Along the way, life turned out to be a lot more complicated than I originally thought.   If you are in a complex, confusing place, I would be honored to provide a safe space for you to tell your story and to help you start finding your way through.

I view therapy as relational and collaborative. I enjoy working with adults of all ages helping them to look at the impact of significant relationships, past circumstances and present challenges and to discover new opportunities for growth.  Because I have a missions and nursing background along with my psychology training, I am comfortable exploring the interplay between the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of life.

I hold a B.S. in Nursing from East Tennessee State University and a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University in Southern California.
M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider

Yohunnah Woods-Moton

Child and Adolescent Counseling, Addictions Counseling, Christian based hypnotherapy; anxiety, spiritual issues; grief and abuse recovery.

Yohunnah Woods-Moton is a Chattanooga Native. She is a graduate of Richmont Graduate University with a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling, specializing in Child and Adolescent Counseling. Yohunnah has a Bachelor of Science in Health from Austin Peay State University. She has worked in the field of counseling since 2003 and has worked for Henegar Counseling since 2013. Yohunnah’s clinical work experience includes: Child and Adolescent Counseling, Crisis Response Team, Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT), Community Mental Health, Medication Assisted Treatment, providing Christian based hypnosis and providing Clinical Supervision to counselors and interns. Yohunnah may often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Motivational Enhancement Therapy and/or Christian based Hypnotherapy in regards to her therapeutic approach. Yohunnah enjoys scrapbooking, arts & crafts, and traveling.

Emily Ziobro

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Behavior Issues (ages 2.5-7), Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Cross-cultural Transition and Adjustment

Whether you are at the beginning stages of your life journey or you’ve been journeying for a while, life often presents you with many twists and turns unique to you and your story. I look forward to an opportunity to hear your story and walk through life with you as you navigate these challenges. My belief is that every individual has a unique set of needs and goals for therapy, therefore I adjust my counseling style to reflect the uniqueness of the individual. I work from a collaborative approach and would love to have a conversation with you about what you need during this time in your life. I am trained in Interpersonal as well as Cognitive Behavioral approaches to counseling and enjoy working with children and adults of all ages. I am specially trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and enjoy utilizing this technique to help families find more harmony and enjoyment in their relationships.

Katherine Gibson

Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Illness, Grief & Loss, Women’s Issues, Life Adjustments and Transitions, Spiritual Issues, Trauma

There are not enough places in this world where people can be fully transparent humans just where they are, and my desire is to create a space for people to do just that. Life can take us to places that we never imagined and leave us wondering how to move forward and take the next step. I want to come alongside you and take that next step with you, or just sit with you in the dark until you can see the light again. I believe that therapy should be collaborative and relational as we work together to help you move from surviving to thriving.
M.ED., M.A., NCC

David Miller

Counseling for all Adults and Adolescents, Men’s Intimacy and Relationship and Sexual Issues, Addictions, Elder Issues, Couples Counseling, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Spiritual Direction, Disruption of Spiritual Life.

Thank you for visiting my profile. For those experiencing emotional pain, relational distress, grief, anxiety, depression, the effects of trauma, elder issues, men’s issues, and other forms of personal distress, I look forward to meeting with you to help facilitate movement to relief, resilience, and health through an accepting, safe, and empathetic therapeutic relationship. So much of our personal discomfort is rooted in relationship issues, so I come from a psychodynamic perspective, and my emphasis is to work relationally through the therapeutic method or combination of methods you will find most helpful. My relating as a counselor is informed by decades of helping relationships with students and parents as a teacher, coach, and school counselor as well as my counselor training and trauma studies. I view it as a deep privilege to enter into this counseling relationship with my clients and would be honored to do so with you

Matt DeHart

Individual and Couples Counseling, Pre-marital Counseling, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Family Conflict, Life Transitions

I am so glad you have found your way to our website and to my profile. I know that seeking therapy can be a big step and even a difficult one, but I think it is a brave and admirable thing to ask for help when we need it. I consider it an honor to walk with clients and help them navigate life’s challenges. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or relationship issues, or you are navigating life’s changes, I would be honored to help. My approach to therapy integrates a systems perspective with cognitive behavioral techniques, attachment theory, and mindfulness techniques, while also recognizing that each individual has their own unique story. Seeking help is a big step, and I would be honored to walk with you.

I am a counseling intern currently pursuing a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University. I am a certified facilitator for the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory for premarital counseling and marriage enrichment.

When I am not working, my wife and I can often be found, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, or otherwise taking advantage of this beautiful part of the world.

Michelle Johnson

Trauma, art therapy, behavioral and communication issues, grief and loss, attachment trauma, transitional life periods, spiritual issues &and development, counseling for adults and adolescents 

I believe we are all formed by the things we have experienced and the relationships we have been a part of. As a therapist, I desire to explore alongside my clients both their pains and their joys. Health looks a lot of different ways for a lot of different people and I think it’s important to consider one’s values as well as one’s resources. I am passionate about helping clients to gain these resources so that they feel they have lifelines and help in whatever struggle they are facing. I believe we have each been created uniquely and that we are complex individuals who are often doing the best we can with what we have been given. I am passionate about story, visual arts, attachment healing, and a holistic view of us as spiritual, physical, and relational beings.

In my leisure time, I enjoy time with family, traveling, painting, card games, and hiking.

Lydia May

Individual Adults, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Life Transitions

I just want you to know I am proud of you and believe in you! Life can be confusing and painful. You may feel helpless and powerless, which can lead to dark nights of the heart, mind and soul. I would be honored to sit with you, wherever you may be, and hopefully, help to show you the light in the darkness and help you rewrite your story to where you are victorious.

I am in my final year at Richmont graduate university, and I have a certification in trauma counseling. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology at the university of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I am interested in working with individual adults, particularly those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, interpersonal abuse, grief and loss, and trauma recovery, as I am certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I believe in a counseling style that is relational, collaborative, non judgmental, and intentional. For my therapeutic orientation, I am drawn to techniques from Narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and person centered therapy. However my main goal is to collaborate with your needs and your heart to create a safe environment that is healing and personalized to you.

Rachael Shepard

Individual adults, families, couples, adolescents, spiritual issues, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression

I believe that healing happens through relationships, just as our deepest wounds happen in relationships. Connection and safety in our sessions can offer the healing that can shape new experiences in other relationships. My desire is to create a space where you feel safe enough to share the wounds in your life so that your story is heard. I believe that respect, dignity, and acceptance for each other provide safety and trust in a relationship. My priority is to validate and help make sense of the hurt that you have experienced, not to magically erase the pain in your life.

I view my role as someone who is collaborating with you to create a plan that will bring new perspectives to life circumstances. I believe that what you bring to therapy affects what you bring out of therapy, the work is yours, and I am excited for the process you are entering into. It may be more difficult at first as we open up old wounds, but I believe in trusting that the healing process is worth one step back for the two steps forward.

Bethany Ware

Individual Adults, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Spiritual Issues, Trauma, Life Transitions

I moved to Chattanooga for college at UTC in 2002 and immediately loved Chattanooga. I also met my husband at UTC and grew to love him quickly as well. We now live in the Chattanooga area with our two children. My love of learning brought me back to school at Richmont Graduate University, and now I am discovering the delight of sitting with people one-on-one and hearing and learning what they deeply value. Whether you are battling anxiety or depression or need a safe place to bring your sorrow, grief, or trauma, I genuinely desire to provide a safe place where you can feel fully accepted as you move toward health.