Our Mission

To offer a broad range of counseling and psychological services to the Chattanooga community and beyond, delivered with the highest professional standards while remaining faithful to the Christian tradition of faith and caring. We seek to serve all persons with compassion and sensitivity to their uniqueness as we assist them in meeting life’s challenges.

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Henry Henegar

In 1982 the board of Chattanooga Bible Institute became aware of the need for Christian counseling to come alongside pastors and churches offering clinical support with trained counselors and therapists. This Counseling Center is consistently strengthening individuals and marriages, integrating Biblical principles with proven soul-care training and solid mental health models.

Henry Henegar

Recent Posts

Henegar Happenings

Shortly after the New Year, 16 members of the Henegar Counseling Center (HCC) as well as 5 of Richmont’s staff gathered to learn the life-saving techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to utilize an automated external defibrillator (AED). They were trained to assess the need for CPR and perform compressions, breaths, and AED procedures. […]

Three Signs You are Setting Healthy Boundaries

By Laura Kemp What is a boundary? The root word of “boundary” is “bound.” A boundary is a limit, a line, an expectation. Boundaries function to keep us safe and protected, to keep the good in and the bad out. The lack of boundaries leads to danger, pain, and hurt. Even Isaac Newton knew about […]

Inner Commentary of A Dog’s Life

By Heather Dryden It’s a funny thing being human. When I watch our dog, I imagine a fairly straightforward relationship between his inner world and outer behavior. Itch, scratch. Hungry, snuffle for table scraps. Threatened, bark. No reflective inner monologue asserting the personal intention or social acceptability of scratching, eating, or expressing boundaries. Yet to […]