Our Mission

To offer a broad range of counseling and psychological services to the Chattanooga community and beyond, delivered with the highest professional standards while remaining faithful to the Christian tradition of faith and caring. We seek to serve all persons with compassion and sensitivity to their uniqueness as we assist them in meeting life’s challenges.

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Henry Henegar

In 1982 the board of Chattanooga Bible Institute became aware of the need for Christian counseling to come alongside pastors and churches offering clinical support with trained counselors and therapists. This Counseling Center is consistently strengthening individuals and marriages, integrating Biblical principles with proven soul-care training and solid mental health models.

Henry Henegar

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Seeking Authentic Relationships

Feeling isolated or lonely? Ever considered what loneliness does to the human condition? You are in good company. After recently reading several articles on loneliness in America, I was shocked at the findings that clearly show how isolation impacts our physical and psychological health. One article states: “Since the 1980s, the percentage of American adults […]

The Exercise Effect

By: Casey Caldwell How often do you exercise? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Not at all? We hear about and see the physical benefits of exercise on a regular basis, but do you know what all it does for the insides of our bodies, particularly our brains? Exercise* is a large piece of the puzzle of overall […]

Children Don’t Come With Instruction Manuals

By William E. McGee We know that it is easy to become a parent; those of us who are parents know that it is not easy to be a good parent. It’s rather cliché’ these days for parents to remind each other that their children did not come home with an instruction manual. Whether they […]