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The Henegars

Mr. Henry A. Henegar currently serves as Vice President of the Generosity Trust, formerly the Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation. In this capacity he serves the community by empowering Christians to give through numerous means.

With an Ivy League Master’s degree in English, Henry was a beloved professor and Director of Alumni at The McCallie School. The same deep sense of caring that endeared him to his students is what made Henry the legend that he is in fund raising circles in Chattanooga.

Since his retirement in 2003, Henry has served as President Emeritus of Richmont Graduate University and Chattanooga Bible Institute. He continues to serve (as he puts it) as “Richmont’s biggest cheerleader.”

Henry has served on the boards of four charitable foundations. He has been an elder at First Presbyterian Church and at Rock Creek Fellowship. Other volunteer activities include Bible in the Schools, the C.S. Lewis Lecture, the Chattanooga Area Leadership Prayer Breakfast, and the Calligraphy Guild.

Henry and his wife Jane were married in Fort Worth in 1968. Jane taught Bible at Girls Preparatory School from 1982 to 2012, The Henegars have three married children and five grandchildren. Since 1972, Jane has written a weekly food column,”Fare Exchange,” in Chattanooga newspapers. She teaches Sunday School at Rock Creek Fellowship, leads Bible studies for women, and is the designer of “Telling Treasures,” a legacy story-telling enterprise.